A Warm Welcome To The Stuttering Therapy Centre

My name is Stephen Hill and as you may read on the “About” page I set up this centre in 1998 after successfully managing to overcome my own stutter.

I am based in Birmingham which is the second largest city in England.

I hope that you enjoy reading through my website and if at any stage you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

stuttering therapy

I have a goal of helping as many people as I can to also achieve total fluency.

So who am I and what types of stuttering treatment do I offer?

Well as at 2014 I am aged forty one. I am a father of two children and I would have to say that I am very much a family man.

I enjoy watching and playing a variety of different sports and I also like to go to the cinema, to bowling and out for meals.

The main form of therapy that I offer is via a one to one stuttering course. These courses are held in Birmingham and are over a three or five day period.

They are very popular and there is normally a waiting period of around six to eight weeks. During the course I teach people a set of techniques which I call the “speech rules” and I then coach the course attendee into how to make these techniques a natural part of one’s speech.

Will my speech sound weird or different after attending the course?

This is a question which I am asked on a regular basis. I only teach techniques which are the same as what every other fluent person use – it is just that these fluent people are using them without fully being aware of it as they are natural to them.

Our task is to also make them natural to our speech which comes with practice. We will then be able to use them without having to think. The techniques therefore do not include any form of slowed speech, any form of costal breathing or any form of prolonged speech.

As per will your speech sound different after attending the course, well yes you will now be using the techniques which will enable you to speak free from the fear of stuttering.

How much do you charge for the course?

Yet another popular question! The course fee for the five day course is £450 and the course fee for the three day course is £285.

Am I able to keep in touch with you after attending the course?

Yes this is very much advised. I am here to help you every step of the way and you are free to keep in touch with me for as long as you would like to.

Many of the people who have attended the course have become my long term friends which is exactly what I hoped would happen when I started offering help and advice.

How can I book onto the course?

To book onto a course is very simple; please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone. I will also then confirm to you the next available course date.

Do you offer any other forms of help for people who have a stutter?

Yes, I have produced a seventy minute DVD, an audiobook and an e-book. These self-help stuttering therapy products are explained in more depth on this page.

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