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Battling To Eradicate The Stutter

Eradicating my stutter was one battle which I was determined not to lose. I like to see myself as somewhat of a fighter, not in the physical sense but more with the mental side of things. This was however far from easy as I believe that I am naturally a negative thinker – I always had voices in my head which often attempted to spread doom and gloom.

These voices would try to make me worry about the future, they would try to tell me that my life was not worth living, they would attempt to make me believe that I was the unluckiest person in the world and they would try to convince me that I would have the stutter until the day that I died. I would, in return, try to ignore these voices or demons as I called them. Or alternatively I would talk back to them and would say that they are wrong and that I am not listening to them. This however was far from easy to do and there were many many occasions where I just had no strength to beat them away – these were the dark days, days of depression and anxiety.

Very depressing times

One such day happened after I went to visit my local speech and language therapist. These therapists must have had a severe dislike for me as I would often question their approach and would show a real frustration at my continuing speech impediment. When you attend speech therapy for many years and you still have a stutter, or it becomes even more severe as was in my case, it can become rather frustrating. I so wanted these speech therapists to be able to help me to eliminate the stutter from my speech once and for all however both they and I knew they did not have the capability.

After leaving my appointment with the speech and language therapist, an appointment which yet again was rather disappointing, I made my way home. The stuttering demons in my head were having a field day and were seemingly laughing at me and mocking me. I could not muster the energy or will to fight them off or to talk back to them. I even started to think that they might actually be correct in the negative comments that they were making. I was walking back in a daze and with a sense of despair. I started to feel very down and depressed, and yet again asked myself the question “Why me?”

As I walked around one particular corner I came across a man walking on the opposite side of the road. He was blind and had one of those special sticks to help him to navigate his way. I looked at this guy struggling to find his way to where he was going and it was like God had made me cross paths with him – yes I do believe in God. It was like a message to say come on Steve keep battling like this guy. I then thought that this blind man has little hope of ever being able to see but I did have a chance to overcome the speech impediment as I knew that I could talk fluently at times – I just had to find the solution to enable me to be able to talk fluently in all situations. The battle was well and truly back on!

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Stuttering Advice For Children And Adults

I receive many requests each and every week from people who are seeking advice as to how to overcome stuttering. This is sometimes parents seeking help for their child who has developed this form of speech impediment or from adults who are looking for advice for themselves. Whatever the age the advice is very much the same….

The most important piece of advice I can provide is to never give in or to give up hope. You would probably not believe the amount of times I was told that there is not a cure for stuttering or stammering. These “professionals” – yes I also choke when I say or write the word “professionals” – seem to be overly obsessed by this word “cure”. It is like they will be thrown into the worst type of jail if they do not mention it on a regularly basis. I just wanted to shout out “I GET IT”! But get it I certainly did not. I knew that I could talk fluently at certain times and in certain situations and therefore I would never ever accept this statement, however many times people wanted to say it. If I had have listened and if I had accepted their word for it I would still be being haunted by those nasty stuttering demons today – eighteen years was enough for me thank you very much.

Never give up

The second piece of advice is to seek specialist help. This, in a way, goes back to my experiences of traditional speech and language therapy which was far from good. As I have stated in previous posts I would hope that the quality of these traditional forms of speech therapy will have improved however you can not beat receiving help from people who “have been there and seen it” so to speak. I would often request, to my parents, to attend a more specialist or expert type of help during the period when I had a stutter. At the time however the available options were rather limited and this was well before the birth of the internet.

My final piece of advice, well at least for this post, is to ensure that you work extremely hard to achieve your goal of fluency when you feel that you have found the type of therapy that you believe will work. To overcome this speech impediment is far from easy and to do so takes a fair amount of time and a lot of hard work – the reward of fluency however makes all of this work something that is certainly worth doing.

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Should I Attend The Speech Course Or Go For The DVD?

I received a telephone call this afternoon from a man who lives in Nottingham. We spoke at length with regards many aspects of stuttering and he was interested to learn more about how I overcame my speech impediment. He also described about the way in which his stutter impacts on his life and about the words he has most difficulty saying. He seemed like a thoroughly decent guy. One question that he asked has led me to writing this blog post as it is a question that is becoming more and more common: I am not sure whether to purchase your DVD or to attend one of your speech courses – which would you advise?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each and every person has their own individual life and situation to take into account. There is however absolutely no doubt that for the majority of people it would be a lot more beneficial to attend the speech course: This is because of the one to one help where I am able to see the person face to face and to then make recommendations as to where I believe they need to make changes and which of the techniques they need to mainly focus and work on.

The DVD was something that I produced, along with the other self-help products, due to the large number of enquiries that I was receiving from people who live outside of the UK. This said they have also become extremely popular for people that do reside in the UK.


For those people that are unable to attend a one to one stuttering course or simply do not have the time then the DVD would be the correct answer to this gentleman’s question however where it is possible to attend the course then this is what I would advise.

For those people that would like to discuss all of the options prior to making a decision I am more than happy to do so. Please therefore feel free to contact me at any time:

Stephen Hill
Stuttering Therapy Centre
0121 453 9208/ 07967 549 070

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