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Should I Attend The Speech Course Or Go For The DVD?

I received a telephone call this afternoon from a man who lives in Nottingham. We spoke at length with regards many aspects of stuttering and he was interested to learn more about how I overcame my speech impediment. He also described about the way in which his stutter impacts on his life and about the words he has most difficulty saying. He seemed like a thoroughly decent guy. One question that he asked has led me to writing this blog post as it is a question that is becoming more and more common: I am not sure whether to purchase your DVD or to attend one of your speech courses – which would you advise?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each and every person has their own individual life and situation to take into account. There is however absolutely no doubt that for the majority of people it would be a lot more beneficial to attend the speech course: This is because of the one to one help where I am able to see the person face to face and to then make recommendations as to where I believe they need to make changes and which of the techniques they need to mainly focus and work on.

The DVD was something that I produced, along with the other self-help products, due to the large number of enquiries that I was receiving from people who live outside of the UK. This said they have also become extremely popular for people that do reside in the UK.


For those people that are unable to attend a one to one stuttering course or simply do not have the time then the DVD would be the correct answer to this gentleman’s question however where it is possible to attend the course then this is what I would advise.

For those people that would like to discuss all of the options prior to making a decision I am more than happy to do so. Please therefore feel free to contact me at any time:

Stephen Hill
Stuttering Therapy Centre
0121 453 9208/ 07967 549 070

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