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The Correlation Between Breathing And Fluency

Have you ever noticed the correlation between your breathing and stuttering? It’s something that many a person doesn’t always realise, prior to it being pointed out.

While it is true that there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that any breathing exercises for stuttering will cure the issue, there is the fundamental factor of common anomalies with those who suffer with the speech impediment.

When you pay close attention to when the stutter happens, you’ll probably feel nervous. That anxiety is a result of a lack of confidence in your ability to speak fluently.

For even the most fluent of speakers, they will, at times, suffer from the same kind of social anxiety. When they’re about to say something, get a bit tongue tied, and then the brain goes into a wave of activity, resulting in poor speech co-ordination.

That’s a result of the fast thinking process of your brain. Thoughts process through your brain at an extraordinary pace. When you try to speak those thoughts, it’s impossible to say everything in the one breath, whether you’ve a speech problem or not.

You need to relax and let those thoughts process, without trying to rush everything out in a panicked frenzy. That’s when fluency can happen.

Do you know what helps achieve that?

Controlled breathing

That’s the one thing that even fluent speakers will use to relax themselves when their speaking publicly. It’s not directly related to a miraculous cure for a stutter, but it is an exercise that helps relieve anxiety.

If you’ve been troubled by your speech for a length of time, that is the one thing you’ll probably be able to associate with. The nervousness it creates when it creeps up to the surface and affects your ability to speak fluently.

One of the keys is to take control of the way you breathe. That helps to relax you overall, and with that relaxation, you’ll be able to feel an increase in confidence. There’s no way for you to be confident, while you’re feeling nervous.

That’s where breathing exercises can help you, by relieving you of some of that pent up anxiety.

Instead of breathing in a fast and shallow manner, shift to a deep style of breathing, in through your nose, out through your mouth. As you do, your belly should be expanding and not your chest.

How your confidence elevates

Confidence is something we all find ourselves lacking on occasion. Granted, some of us more than others, but nevertheless, techniques that help you elevate your confidence are certainly handy to know.

Confidence is a wonderful thing

That’s what deep breathing gives you, the ability to calm your nerves almost instantaneously, regardless your whereabouts.

To take things further, there are exercise routines such as yoga that require a great deal of controlled breathing. One thing every yoga enthusiast will tell you is that it leaves them feeling rejuvenated.

The reason for that is simply that it lets you channel your energy. Whenever you stutter, it’s going to be connected to some type of emotion:

• Anxious
• Frustrated
• Excited
• Overwhelmed

When you have strong emotions at play, your ability to focus is diminished. Therefore, you need to increase your focus, which will in turn boost your confidence level.

The more confident you are, the better you’re able to control your speech, and reduce the stuttering activity.

It’s not something that will cure stuttering completely, but it’ll certainly help you to relax your nerves, and increase your confidence.

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