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We Are Now On YouTube

I welcome you to watch some or all of the videos that I have recorded on YouTube.

My YouTube videos

These videos also appear on specific pages of this website.

I plan to continue to record videos and these will appear in some of the upcoming blog posts over the next few months and years.

This is a new way for me to describe the type of stutter that I had and about the way it impacted on my life. And to describe more information about the one to one speech courses and about the self help products that are available. It is also a way for you to gain more of an insight about who I am etc.

I will include a transcript of each video on the majority of the pages of this website for those of you that would prefer to read than watch.

Here are the links to the videos that I have recorded to date:

Stuttering Therapy Centre Introduction

This is a short video to introduce people to the centre and where I explain about the types of help that I provide including information about the stuttering courses and the self-help products:


How To Stop Stuttering Downloads

I have developed a number of self-help products including a DVD, an audio book and an e-book. These are described on this short video:


The One To One Stuttering Course

Here is information about the courses which I run from my own home in Birmingham, England. The courses are held over a three or five day period and are run by myself, Steve Hill, a person that has managed to overcome a stutter:


Reasons Why People Attend The Course

I often ask the people who attend my one to one speech course whether there was any specific reason as to why they have decided to attend. In this video I discuss these reasons and how some of them have helped me to improve my overall life:


I hope you enjoy watching these videos and if at any stage you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I welcome you to also subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you can view my future recordings.

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