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Reasons Why People Attend The Course

I welcome you to my read latest blog post where I discuss some of the reasons why people attend the speech course. These include the man that was very lucky to avoid being killed in the Tsunami.

Hello! Welcome to my latest video blog post. Now, a question I often ask the people who attend one of my stuttering courses is what prompted you to attend the course? The majority of the answers are quite similar, for example, somebody might say, “Well, Steve, I have been struggling with this speech impediment for many years now, it’s having a negative impact on my life and I would love to find a solution to help me to achieve fluency.” Other people might say, “Well, I am looking to further my career and the stutter that I have has been impacting on that progress.” I can understand that myself. When I started to work, trying to build a career, I actually, it sounds strange, but I didn’t want to get promoted, you may have heard about this on other videos. I was working in the insurance sector and to be promoted, meant more responsibility, meant I’d have to communicate more, deal with telephone queries, make telephone calls, so again, I can understand that response.

There have, however, been a number of responses to my question which have been rather interesting, certainly to me. One of which was a person who was from London and he had been travelling around Thailand and he had, prior to leaving on his travels, set up the route he was going to take, he was basically sort of backpacking on his own and he’d booked certain hotels for certain days. Now when he was in Phuket he was out and about and met a woman who he became quite fond of and he spent a few days in Phuket, the last few with her, and this was around Christmas time, however, he had planned to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day and a couple of other days at Phi Phi Island—I’m not sure if I pronounced that correctly, in fact, I don’t think I have, so forgive me for that and I apologise for it—but he again, was with this lady and had told her of his plans, that he’d booked a beach hotel. However, she said, “Well, I would really love to spend Christmas with you; however, I need to stay in Phuket because my parents are flying out to spend Christmas with me. Again, I would love you to stay and meet them so we can spend Christmas together.” He was like, “Well, I’ve already booked the hotel now and I’d obviously like to stay there and to visit Phi Phi Island.”

Now, to cut a long story short there, he did eventually decide to stay with this new girlfriend, as she was, and to spend Christmas with her and to meet her parents. You may kind of be aware already where I’m going here. On the Boxing Day, the tsunami hit and Phi Phi Island was devastated by it and the hotel where he had booked was right on the beachfront and it was highly likely that if he had have been there, that he would probably have not survived. When he heard about and saw the pictures of the tsunami, it was obviously a massive shock to him, as it was to other people from around the world, however, obviously knowing that he, if he hadn’t had met this girlfriend, would have probably died massively affected him.

Eventually he returned to England, to London, and he thought to himself, okay, in a way I have a second chance here, I’ve been given a second chance. He is somebody who believes in God, as I do, and he believed he’d been given this second chance by God. He thought to himself, okay, what are the things in my life that I am not happy with? There were a number, he wasn’t happy with his career, he wasn’t happy living in London; he wanted to live by the sea. He wasn’t happy with various aspects, one of which was that he wasn’t happy having a stutter. He then looked for help, help that could hopefully enable him to achieve fluency, hence why he came on the course.

Now for me, I was like, wow, that’s an amazing story. If somebody had said to me, “Why do you want to achieve fluency?” at the age of 22, my story was nowhere near as, I suppose, impressive as his was. I was like one of those other people who just gave a typical answer, regular-type answer of, “Well, I just really dislike having a stutter. I am just really eager to improve the overall quality of my life by overcoming the speech impediment.”

His experience and others that I’ve heard as well, in a strange way helped me even further because even though I have achieved fluency, there are other aspects of my life where I still do accept second best. After hearing about his experience there, I thought okay, well, I should also ask myself the question, “What am I not happy with in my life?” I should go about changing those things as if I had had the experience myself. That is what I have done and I have made changes and it’s a question I ask myself from time to time, are there any aspects of my life that I’m not happy with. Am I accepting second best? Should I be making more changes?

Making self-improvements

It certainly helps to enable again, me, to certainly attempt at least to get the most out of life and I am now aged 40, I overcame the stutter at the age of 22. At that point, of course, I was extremely happy and relieved even and I knew that that was really when my life started.

Today at aged 40, I have to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and even more happy, I suppose, than at 22, because even at 22, I’d overcome the speech impediment, but there were aspects of my life I was not happy with, whereas now, when asking myself the question, “Where could you improve, what could you do to improve?” I think well, there aren’t any, I’m happy. I am happy, I’m happy where I live, I’m happy with the circle of friends that I have, my family, I’m just an extremely lucky person and I am a person who kind of enjoys the simple things in life. I’m not somebody who strives to be a millionaire, let’s say, all that I want to be is for my family, and I have children, for them to be happy and hopefully healthy, for the rest of my family as well, the same. And for my wife to be happy as well, and hopefully that I’m doing good by her and being supportive and a good husband as such, and this type of thing.

Again, I just wanted to relay that to you because it had a big impact on my life and it certainly had a big impact on my client’s life.

Okay, I’ll be making more of these type videos in the future and I welcome you to bookmark the site and to come and visit the site again. If you have any questions about the speech courses I run or the self-help products, please feel free to contact me.

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