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Can You Guarantee That The Course Will Work For Me?

The title of this blog post is a question which I am asked on a frequent basis. I have therefore decided to answer it here.

I have just finished speaking on the telephone to a man called Ian who is from Leicester and Ian asked a question which I am asked on a regular basis, which is, “Can you guarantee that the stuttering course will work for me?”

Now the simple answer to this question is no. Unfortunately I’m unable to offer any type of guarantee and to do so would quite simply be wrong. If you see anybody advertising that they can guarantee a stuttering cure, I would be rather apprehensive about it.

To achieve fluency is not easy; it takes a lot of work, a lot of practice, and a fair amount of time. Obviously we’re all different, just because the techniques worked for me and have worked for many other people, does not guarantee that they will work for you or for other people. What I do always say is that during the course I explain to people how I overcame my own stutter and the techniques that I used, I describe the amount of practice that I put in and the support that I had during that time.

The majority of the people that attend the course are also willing to work extremely hard at the practice side of things, to make the techniques a natural part of their speech because they are also eager to attain complete fluency. Other people, for whatever reason, it may be that their lives are just so hectic that they don’t have a sufficient amount of time to practice, but they are less able or willing to put in that required amount of effort and therefore, the techniques do not become a natural part of their speech and therefore, they do not achieve their desired results, let’s say.

Just a very honest answer, which is there is no guarantee. What I do is I work to my very best ability to help everybody who attends the speech course or who purchases one of the self-help products that I offer, such as the audio book or the e-book or the 70-minute DVD. I help them, again, to the best of my ability by fully explaining all the techniques and the necessary steps that I took and other people have taken to gain fluency and to overcome their stutter.

The self-help therapy DVD

I also work hard, and again to the best of my ability, by providing a continued support service, where I encourage people to keep in contact with me for as long as is necessary. This is where I help by, as I say, encouraging people to phone me, to email me or to keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, whatever way they prefer so that I can answer their questions, provide moral support, and also provide answers if they have forgotten anything from when they attended their course.

That’s the kind of situation and overcoming a stutter is possible, but there is no guarantee.

As always, I welcome people to contact me with any questions they have. My telephone numbers are 0121 453 9208 and 07967 549 070, which is my mobile number. People can also contact me via email, my email address is

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