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How Do You Cure a Stutter?

If there’s one question I’m asked the most, it’s Steve – How do you cure a stutter? Pete from Doncaster was the last person to ask me this, and it’s something I’ve decided to address here on the blog as I know there’s more people out there with the same question, but not forthcoming in asking for help.

I understand that it can be hard.

It’s baffling. It’s confusing. It’s sometimes terrifying but REALLY, it’s an obstacle which can be overcome.

I know because I asked the same question for years and I mean years. For those who don’t know me, or the site, my background, or my personal battle with the monster demons in my inner mind…

Long story short, my stuttering years began at the age of four, and continued to burden me until the age of twenty-two.

From the age of five through to eighteen, I attended speech and language therapy. If you’ve paid attention to this point, you’ll have noticed there’s a gap of four years in there; from eighteen to twenty-two, so if you’re wondering why I stopped speech and language therapy at eighteen, when I still had a stutter, well…

After thirteen gruelling years of therapy, I expected to have achieved fluency.

Wouldn’t you?

If you have watched the video above, you’ll see I’m laughing about it now but back then it was one heck of a different story; a story that was far from a laughing matter.

As I went through those daunting teenage years, growing into adulthood, I noticed that not only did the therapy NOT help to overcome the stutter, but over the years it had gradually became worse.

That same question I’m asked now about how do you cure a stutter is the same one I myself put to my parents asking for any sort of specialist help from anywhere in the world as I had nothing but fear…

• Fear for the future…

• Fear for employment…

• Fear for relationships…

Fear from negativity in general.

I searched, searched, and continued my search to find the one true solution to conquer the battle and always seemed to come up short.

There was not too much out there. I was still stuttering and coming up short on possible solutions to the point when enough was enough.

No longer was I going to succumb to a life of fear.

The only way I could vision myself getting fluent speech was to take the bull by the horns and DIY it. I needed to formulate my own solution and that’s exactly what I did.

I took to observation, watching those proficient speakers that I admired, yet silently envied. They had something I spent years trying to accomplish, and they were naturally gifted fluent speakers.

I watched; observing the motions they made, the patterns their speech involved, the breathing techniques used in public speaking, and I put into practice what I was learning by observing others speak.

I began to compare their speech to my own and yes, it was simplistic and it was fantastic, because after a year of all that observation and putting into practice what I was learning every day, it turned into what I now call the “speech rules”.

After a year of intensive observation, preservation, and putting theory into practice, I had uncovered the speech rules.

I’d cracked the code to the point that within a year my speech was beyond recognition in terms of fluency in comparison to the previous year.

Very happy after overcoming the stutter

Soon after that is when I began my own transformational journey to help others better their speech and put them on a path to also achieve speech fluency.

Eighteen years later and I’m still doing it.

When asked now how do I cure a stutter… this is the answer I give.

If you have any more questions, I’m reachable at or on:

• Email:

• Landline: 0121 453 9208

• Mobile: 07967 549 070

I look forward to helping you to achieve your goal of fluency.

Steve Hill

Stuttering Therapy Centre

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