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Resources To Get You Through A Rough Patch Of A Stuttering Nightmare

I do not like to start on a negative however at the time of writing this post there is no known cure for stuttering.

Chronic depression is treatable, your stutter may not be curable but it’s most certainly manageable.

For those of you who are worried about your little ones speech, only worry if he or she is older than seven years of age. Kids often develop a stutter as toddlers and 80% of them self-heal. It’s gone by the age of seven. After that, speech therapy should be on the cards, and you should be a part of it.

For those out of the education system and looking for other forms of therapy, for either yourself, or a loved one, there are many types of stuttering programs. Since the speech impediment begins at a young age, and in 20% of cases, continues into adulthood, the onus is on the person with a stutter to look into therapy options.

Some include:

• Fluency shaping

• Speech modification

• Integrative approaches using both the above methods

• Breathing techniques

• Self therapy, where you practice speaking better

With decades of studies and research into speech progression, there’s yet to be a cure found. Therapy works but rebounds happen. Therefore, it can require years of extensive therapy and repeatedly.
When the going gets tough though, take a little breather and that’s not in the sense or diaphragmatic breathing. It’s when you bring in a compromise and put a half-hearted effort into it.

• Speak with a rhythm

• Vary your tempo

• Voluntarily stutter

When you feel you’ve hit rock bottom

Find a local self-help group and get support from people who have been where you are.

The British Stammering Association operates groups nationwide. Find the one nearest you here.

For those between the ages of 18 and 30, The Young British Stammering Association Group is a where you can turn to on Facebook. It is a closed group, so you do have to log in and request to join. Once you join, since the group is closed, your comments, discussions, and questions are not publicly shared with your friends.

Although US based, isn’t going to be of help to you as they don’t work within the UK, they do have great podcasts available on you can listen to and find a great deal of inspiration, and motivation from.

Find the list at

On the note of inspiration, when you need something other than cat videos to cheer you up, there’s Daniele Rossi of, however, you may find it’s more relaxed and connected on his SIC Facebook page.

There’s also the Stuttering Community Page on Facebook, but if you aren’t on social media, or just don’t want to be, you aren’t forced to use the site. is their forum board.

You can also email to reach me if you want to ask any questions or just vent. I’ve been through it and come out the other side. You can read the story here.

When you’re just tired of it all – Run for the hills

Seriously, take yourself outside for a walk among nature. Silence is golden, the air is better in the countryside, and if you have a huge hill you can walk up, get up there and just scream. Let it all out; come back down again composed and refreshed to pick up where you left off, only with a clearer mind to go through some of the resources listed above.