3 Corrective Speech Mistakes That Can Make You Look Dumb

How many stuttering courses have you been on, each giving you different tactics to overcome your stutter?

For adults who stutter, there’s every chance you’ve tried and failed at using these corrective speech methods. For those of you thinking of trying any program to correct your speech and give you total fluency, look out for these methods, because they will in all likelihood, set you back instead of progressing you towards your goal of fluency.

Why does nobody understand what it is like for me?

I’ve been through numerous courses between the ages of four and twenty-two and I can tell you that these methods are not anything I want to be associated with because they would have made me look completely dumb among my peers.

That’s why I studied, evolved and developed my own plan of attack to reverse the disruption to my own speech. The speech rules continue to be effective today because none of my students ever have to feel dumb by using any of these methods.

The 3 Proclaimed Cures to Stop Stuttering

1. The costal breathing technique

If you’ve not heard of this before, look it up on YouTube. Some of you may laugh at how ludicrous this approach appears, while others may be persuaded to try it.

In all honesty, of all the sharp-witty speakers I’ve come across, studied and followed for years, I have never come across any speaker, public or not, who takes deep sharp breaths before they speak. It’s completely unnatural and will have people wondering what in God’s name you’re doing breathing in such a manner.

They’d appreciate you stuttering more as opposed to witnessing you turn into some freak with a breathing problem.

Then there’s this one…

2. The deliberate stuttering technique

Not as elaborate as the first one listed, but still just as crazy. If there’s ever a motto for any person with a stutter to live by – it’s this…

You are what you do

It’s another way of saying practicing makes perfect, therefore; if you’re to tread down this path, you’re going to perfect your stutter, which is the complete opposite direction you want to be going and that’s to reach a stage of fluency.

And then there’s the age old favourite among stuttering curers (more like cursers)…

3. The slowed speech technique

If you haven’t figured this part out yet in your quest for better speech, there are differences between following tips and using tricks. Tips are there to help you better correct your speech, whereas tricks are generally avoidance tactics.

The slowed speech method is nothing more than a trick because by its very nature it is tricking you into believing you’re doing something productive to reach your end goal of fluency.

It will not happen, because the slower you speak, the more conscious you’ll be of the words you say.

A More Positive Approach You Can Take – Starting Today

Study the speaking patterns of those in the spotlight. Tune into parliamentlive.tv and watch how debates are put forward by public speakers. Watch the live news and witness the moments that those alleged fluent speakers actually aren’t. Even pro speakers hit stumbling blocks in their speech patterns.

When people speak with fluency, the words flow without thinking. The brain knows the words to say and fluent speakers can therefore turn their attention towards how they say things. They use pitch, they use body language and they use natural breathing (not costal). So you can take from that – for you to mimic the fluency of the other 99% of the population who aren’t affected by a stutter, then learn the natural way they speak.

They don’t give a second thought to problematic words. They will at times get tongue tied.

Want to force someone into understanding how you feel when you stutter?

Tell them to say “Greek Grapes” three times.

Or write this on the back a business sized card and hand it to them. (For the life of you, don’t try to say this to show off as it’s highly likely to backfire).

“If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?”

Ask them to have a go at saying that.

Or any of the other tongue twisters listed on the British Council website.

The point is that nobody has perfect speech. 100% fluency will never be achieved. Natural speech on the other hand – CAN! The closest to complete fluency is the ability to say what you want naturally. Speak your mind without having to think of the easiest words to pronounce.

If you want to have a go at correcting your speech without using tactics that can make you look dumb, then may I please invite you to contact me. I’ve been helping students live without stuttering since 1998. Workshops take place in Birmingham, UK, weekly, and each of these products have helped students internationally.

Either that, or go learn things from the Blog of the Stuttering Therapy Centre.

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Or at least go read about Mike aka Dave and discover how he managed to reclaim his name.

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