5 Ways For Down On Their Luck Stutterers To Lift Their Mood

Living life with a stutter is no easy feat. In fact, it’s downright draining. When your mood’s low, it’s so frustrating to read and hear the advice of exercise is great for you. Get out walking; go to the gym and all that malarkey. When you’re mentally drained and tired of stuttering, knowing you’ve tried your darned hardest, it’s just too hard to find the motivation you need to do anything.

5 lazy ways to lift your mood

1. Green smoothies

If you haven’t a smoothie maker, you might want to invest in one because there’s so many recipes, you could probably live on smoothies, although I’m not advising you try. I’m no nutritionist, but I think you’re supposed to be eating some solids all the time.

Simple Green Smoothies is only one of many recipe websites you’ll find online. And since greens are great for health and energy, you’ll certainly want to have at least one of these every day.

2. Reduced sugar

When you speak fast, you probably stutter frequently. Too much sugar gives you a blast of energy, which will increase the speed you speak at, but worse is the sugar crash that comes later. When that kicks in, you’ll feel terrible. Avoid the crash and you’ll avoid the blues. And it’s healthier too.

3. More veg, fruit and fibre

Those are the essentials of healthy living so get plenty of them every day.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids

If you’re troubled with depression, definitely get fish into your diet. It’s the richest source of Omega-3, which is what will always keep your spirits upbeat. If you don’t like fish, there are supplements available to ensure you do have enough dopamine production happening at neurological level to keep your mood lifted.

5. Vitamin D3

Alongside having fish in your diet, Vitamin D3 is another essential for those who frequently experience low moods. In fact, all Vitamin Ds are linked to your mood so supplementing your vitamin D consumption will contribute to you having a better mood.

In conclusion

All the above are only related to your food and drink consumption so you don’t need to walk further than the kitchen to start using them.

You can use those as your starting line to lift your mood, and when you later feel you have more energy, then consider the exercise part.

Happy, fit and speaking free from stuttering

Until you get your mind into the right place though, it’s likely you won’t even want to contemplate exercise, but rather focus on finding things you can do to make you feel good.

Usually that’s things that aren’t good for you like sitting down with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s sulking and beating yourself up about your stutter.

Instead, get yourself the energy you need to tackle your low moods first. It’s all too easy to let yourself slip into hibernation so you don’t have to face conversations, when you’re prone to stutter over your words.

Isolation is no good, so get yourself plenty of healthy nutrients into your body, raise your feel good factor and when you’ve got the energy, throw in some exercise.

There’s no point in throwing yourself into speech practice sessions to increase your fluency if you aren’t healthy enough to get out and socialise and use your communication skills.

Put your health first because that’s more important than treating your stutter no matter how severe you feel it is.