Are You Following Me On Twitter And Facebook?

I would guess after you have read the title of this blog post that you already know what I am going to ask you! Yes I was just welcoming you to follow the Stuttering Therapy Centre on Twitter. There are currently over 1100 people following our Twitter account and this figure is rising daily.

In the coming weeks, months and years I will be continuing to tweet and this will include information about any offers that I have at that particular stage. People who follow me can, of course, tweet me any questions that they have and by doing so can have more of a type of instant conversation than what is available via e-mail. I am also available to answer your questions and to converse with you on the telephone if you prefer, which is now seen as the more conventional method but one that is seemingly being replaced by social media.

Social media is becoming ever more popular

In a nutshell I am more than happy for you to contact me in any way that you choose, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, the telephone, the post or via e-mail.

The younger generation, including my two children, have informed me that social media is the future which is one of the reasons that I have set up a Twitter account. Here is the link to the account:

As well as Twitter we also have a Facebook page and again any offers and promotions are also going to be included on this page. To follow me on Facebook all you need to do is to “Like” the page. Here is the link to the Facebook page:

I look forward to conversing with you via social media!

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