Attempting To Kill My Stuttering Demons

After a lot of work and a lot of searching I had managed to develop a set of techniques, techniques which I now call the “speech rules” and the practice was now in full swing. I was very much aware that I would need to work extremely hard at the practice side of things to ensure that these speech rules became a natural part of my speech.

I did not want to have to continually have to remember them for the rest of my life as my aim was to achieve total fluency and to be able to speak with the freedom and confidence that the majority of other people in the world did.

What I had in my head were what I called my stuttering demons. These were basically voices that would often (and I mean extremely often) talk to me, telling me that I was likely to stutter in a particular situation. This will be described in a clearer manner later. I just had to find a way to kill or to eradicate these demons as they were, in my opinion, a major reason why I had this form of speech impediment.

Here is an example of how I went about this task of eradicating the demons:

I was in a McDonald’s restaurant for the sole purpose of practice. Going and ordering items in such a restaurant was something I had always found hard to do and I would end up ordering something I believed that I could say rather than something that I actually wanted.

On this day I was going to attempt to order a Big Mac. I had always, well ever since I developed a stutter at the age of four, had issues saying words beginning with certain letters including “B” and “M” words, therefore this would be a good test.

Ordering food at McDonalds

As I waited in the queue a demon in my head stated that there was no way that I would succeed and advised that I order a hamburger and fries instead. I spoke back to this demon and in no uncertain terms told him where to go. I was however rather nervous but was focusing on remembering the techniques. It was eventually my turn to order and I could not believe it – I managed to say it fluently. I was so pleased and proud of myself.

I sat down and started to eat the Big Mac but to my annoyance the demon once again started to talk to me and stated that I had been lucky with that attempt and to not be so pleased with myself. He continued by stating that I would not be able to do it a second time. So have a guess what I did?

Yes I went back into the queue and did it all over again. The result? Yet again no problems. That is one demon that was well and truly crushed!

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