Avoiding stuttering at all costs!

I was talking to a client this morning about the way in which stuttering affected my life and I remembered one such example from a night out that I had when I was aged 21.

I was with a group of five friends and it was my turn to order the drinks at the bar. I was the type of stutterer that did not want to stutter in front of anybody, whether I knew them or not – I basically hated having a stutter.

On a night out with friends at the bar

I asked my friends what they wanted to drink. Up until this point in the night we had all been drinking pints of lager which was something I was confident about ordering. Therefore in a rather upbeat manner I asked “Same again lads?” Fully expecting them all to say yes.

BUT NO! Martin stated that he would like a bottle of red – WHAT? A BOTTLE OF RED! I had no idea what a bottle of red was, he certainly did not mean wine.

I walked up to the bar now thinking in a rather more negative manner. I would struggle to say the word bottle and possibly the word red. Have a guess what I therefore ordered? Six pints of lager please I said to the barman! Yes I bottled it.

I went back to my friends and Martin enquired as to why I had bought him a pint of lager instead of a bottle of red. This was my reply:
“Sorry mate, I forgot!”

He looked at me as if I was rather thick. This was far better than stuttering though.

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net