I Am Not Drunk – I Have A Stutter!

I have been running one to one stuttering courses since 1997 and a few years ago a client that attended a course told me about a situation that had caused him a great deal of embarrassment as well as frustration. It was what led him to searching for therapies that could help him to attain total fluency.

He had spent an evening out with two of his friends at a local bar. It was his turn to go to the bar to order the drinks however when attempting to do so he somewhat struggled to say it fluently – yes the stutter reared it’s ugly head on a number of the words. This itself was frustrating enough however what was to happen next was rather shocking.

The barman stated that he was not willing to serve him any more drinks due to the fact that he was drunk.

“I am not drunk, I actually have a stutter! I have only consumed a couple of pints.”

The frustration of it all

“Sorry but I am not willing to serve you.”

This guy then returned to his friends who, of course, enquired as to where the drinks were. He explained what had happened. One of his friends then asked:

“That is outrageous, why don’t we ask to speak to the manager?”

“I can’t really be bothered, let’s just go somewhere else.”

His other friend stated that he would just go and buy the drinks and he then duly did.

About fifteen minutes later the same barman noticed that my client was drinking a pint of lager and came over to where he and his friends were sitting and asked them all to leave stating the previous conversation as the reason.

In a state of shock and not wanting to cause a scene the three men did leave never to return to that bar again.

This was a horrible experience which unfortunately happens from time to time. Some people just do not understand and are damn right annoying and rude.

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net