Let The Therapy Begin

After managing to overcome my own stutter when I was aged twenty two I started to think about what I wanted to do with my life. Up to this point I had seemingly always accepted second best. As an example I was working in the insurance sector and had been since the age of sixteen. Was this a career which I found fulfilling? Was this a career I enjoyed? The answer to both of these questions was most certainly NO. Not only did I not enjoy it I found working for this company extremely boring and in my own mind I was merely treading water. Then there was the area where I lived, Birmingham. I do love this city and I am very proud to have been born there however I longed to live by the sea. So what did I do?

Well I decided to resign from my work and I also decided to move to Devon to live. Fortunately my long-term girlfriend was also happy to move from Birmingham to Devon. These were big changes but were ones that I relished. I was no longer being held back by the speech impediment and I felt on top of the world and believed that I could conquer the world!

Feeling very happy with myself

I then thought about the possibility of starting to help other people that had a stutter. I knew from my own personal experiences that the level of help available was extremely poor. The speech and language therapists are very negative by not even believing that it is possible to eradicate a stutter and the majority of them have a lack of real understanding of the subject of stuttering and most certainly with what it is like to have this form of speech impediment. I therefore knew or believed that other people, that also suffer with what I had struggled to cope with for the previous eighteen years of my life, would likely welcome the help and support of someone who has “been there”.

So I decided that this was something that I wanted to do and it was then a case of advertising what I was offering. Something which I quickly realised was that in this area of the country people referred to stuttering as stammering. When I mentioned that I used to have a stutter people would reply:

“Do you mean a stammer?”

I therefore also started to refer to it as stammering due to where I was now living, where as I had rarely even heard that word mentioned during the time I had lived in Birmingham.

“Yes I have overcome a stammer and I now offer a five day course aimed at helping other people who have this type of speech impediment to also achieve fluency.”

I held open days where I would explain to people about the treatments that I was now offering. I also placed an advert in the Yellow Pages.

I was quite surprised at just how quickly things seemed to snowball and about just how popular the courses were.

I have now moved back to live in Birmingham and this is where I now run the courses.

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net