My Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Including Being Featured On The BBC

They say that we all have fifteen minutes of fame and mine duly came in June 1999. I had helped a man from London who happened to work in the media. After achieving successful results from the stuttering course and attaining his goal of fluency he asked whether I would like to appear in the National Press.

My fifteen minutes of fame

At the time I was not really aware as to just how much the whole thing would escalate and duly said yes. Had I known how things were to escalate I would have still said yes!

I was interviewed and as is the way only a small amount of what I said was eventually included and my words that were used were in some way taken out of context but I guess you have to accept these things with the British press!

Here are a few of the areas where the story was covered online:

The stuttering treatments that I offer were also discussed on the television and I appeared on a number of the major Radio stations during this rather hectic week – but I have to say that I loved every minute.

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