Treatments That Result In Fluency

When I was a teenager and having had a stutter since the age of four I started to become rather disillusioned with the lack of real help or therapy that I was receiving. The typical and traditional route of speech and language therapy was just not working for me as I have mentioned numerous times already on this website and I was starting to become extremely frustrated. This is when I decided to ask my parents for additional help and support.

My dad asked:
“So what type of form of treatment are you looking for Steve?”

I had already expressed, to him and to my mother, my dissatisfaction with the help (or lack of it) that I had received via the speech and language therapists and about how much more difficult my life was becoming, due to the stutter, as I was becoming older.

But as for the question he asked, this was something that I had personally asked myself on numerous occasions, as I sought a solution. I therefore had an answer already in my head:
“Well the problem with going to see the speech therapists is the fact that they continually state that there is not a cure for stuttering which is something that I do not agree with and which is something that I do want to hear. I know in my heart of hearts that I am able to speak fluently, for example when talking to myself – therefore there must be a way for me to overcome the speech impediment. It is very easy for them to say that there is not a cure and that in a way kind of gets them off the hook for the extremely dismal results they have provided me.

The other problem with these speech therapists is that they really do not “get me” as they have absolutely no understanding as to what it is like to have a stutter. This is no doubt due to the fact that they have never had one. It is like somebody that is not an alcoholic telling an alcoholic that they understand what it is like – how can they?”

Why does nobody understand what it is like for me?

My dad then interrupted my flow:
“Yes I understand all of that but this is not answering the question!”

“I am coming onto that Dad! So I basically want to receive treatment via a person that has had a stutter and preferably from a person that has overcome it. I will then have a lot more confidence in the treatment/therapy that he or she is providing and I will be more content knowing that they have “been there”.

I want to be able to then continue to speak to this person for as long as is required for me to attain fluency as I doubt it will be a quick process.”

“OK Steve, I will do my best to find such a person to help you.”

Despite his best efforts he was unable to find any treatments of this nature and I had to endure a few more years with this type of speech impediment until I finally eradicated it from my life at the age of twenty-two.

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