The Freedom That Fluency Brings

I have written at length and will continue to do so about the way in which stuttering impacted on my life and about the way in which I went about achieving fluency. For this post I thought I would write about the freedom that all of that hard work and determination has provided – the freedom to speak free from the fear of this awful speech impediment.

Yes it did take quite a long time to overcome the stutter but in reality in comparison to how many years I was likely to have yet to live it was actually rather quick. And yes I did have to work extremely hard at the practice side of things to enable the techniques to become a natural part of my speech. When talking to people who are thinking of attending one of my speech courses or who may be thinking of purchasing one of the self help products such as the most popular which is the DVD, I fully explain about the amount of work that is likely to be required and about how long it may well take to overcome the stutter. Some people may be put off by this, however it is very important to make them aware. The reward of all of this hard work and effort is the freedom and joy that results.

Being able to say exactly what I want to say in any given situation is just an immense feeling. Even now fully seventeen years after achieving fluency I fully appreciate my fluent speech.

Feeling very happy

Once I had overcome the stutter I decided to move from Birmingham to live in Devon. I was in my early twenties and I wanted to move to the seaside! People asked why I was moving and what I was planning to do there – work wise. I stated that my life begins today and that I am no longer going to accept second best. Devon is my favourite area of the UK and therefore I will make the move and see how things pan out. I have since moved back to Birmingham as I now have two children and I believe that the schools are way better here.

I just loved the new freedom of having the confidence to meet new people which was something I had always found hard to do. I had confidence meeting and talking to women which again was something I had often feared, thinking and asking myself questions such as “What will she think of me when she realises I have a speech impediment?”.

Going into shops, restaurants and bars and asking for and ordering exactly what I wanted instead of things that I thought I would be able to say. The list goes on etc.

Quite simply my life started the day I overcame the stutter.

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