The Internationally Renowned Stuttering Course

I have to admit that I named the title of this blog post somewhat tongue in cheek! But in reality the one to one speech course for stuttering that I offer could be classed as “international” as a number of people from different countries have travelled to the UK to attend and to seek my help.


After being “in the news” in my local area for overcoming a stutter and for helping other people who have this form of speech impediment to also achieve fluency I then had my moment “in the national spotlight”. And this is what I think attracted people from outside of the UK to make the trip. This was way back in 1999 and during one rather hectic week I was featured in the majority of the national newspapers and I was a guest on numerous radio programs. The BBC also wrote a short piece about my journey to fluency and the BBC is popular, of course, throughout many countries of the world. Here is that article:

Steve Hill in the newspapers

Over the next few weeks many people booked onto one of my courses and at one stage I was completely booked up for seven months. You can imagine people’s reaction when they asked for the next available course date to be informed that it was seven months away! Yes, not good and I certainly did not blame them. I wanted to ensure that each course was on a one to one basis whereby the course attendee is the only stutterer on the course and whereby I am the only one offering the therapy – hence one to one. People who attend the course are able to bring a friend or family member along with them, for support, if they so wish to.

About four months after all of the national media coverage I received a telephone call from a man who lived in Saudi Arabia. He had a seventeen year old son who had a stutter. He asked for more information about the speech courses and then stated that he would be back in touch in the near future. I felt that there was absolutely no way that this person, along with his son, was going to travel all the way from Saudi Arabia to attend a course run by yours truly in England. So you can therefore imagine my amazement when he did call back three days later to book the course. Yes I was gobsmacked. They were really nice people and the son had a superb attitude – he worked very hard throughout the course and gained his just rewards.

This was my first client from overseas and since then people from Sri Lanka, Ireland, South Africa, India, Denmark, Australia and the United States have attended.

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