The Downloadable DVD Is Now Available For Free For A Limited Time

I am pleased to announce that I am currently offering the self-help downloadable DVD (usual price £55) for FREE – yes FREE. This offer will expire on the 7th July 2013.


As you may have read on some of the other pages of this website, or on some of the blog posts, my name is Steve Hill and I have successfully managed to eradicate a stutter, when I was aged 22 (seventeen years ago), which had been negatively impacting on my life for the previous eighteen years (from the age of four).

I now aim to help as many people as I can to also achieve fluency. I run a one to one speech course here in Birmingham, England where I coach the techniques that enabled me to overcome the speech impediment. These courses are very popular, as you may well imagine, and the normal waiting period for people to attend a course is around three months.

I also have a number of self –help products available such as the DVD, an audiobook and an e-book. Many people that contact me are unable to attend a course for a variety of different reasons including location and therefore prefer to go for this self-help option.

Anyway enough about me! I am sure you are more interested in finding out about how you go about obtaining this downloadable DVD.

Well it is quite simple:
1. Please read the promotional post on Facebook and then “Like” the post. Here is the post:
2. Please also “Like” the Facebook page:
3. After doing the above please e-mail myself Steve Hill at and I will then forward you the link to the download.

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