What A Single Mirror And Telephone Can Do To Improve Your Speech

One of the best skills a stutterer can master is advertising. Not in the traditional sense but with respect to letting others you speak to know you have a stutter.

Closet stutterers have a nightmare of a challenge to get through life trying to pretend they’re fluent speakers. That’s a trap you don’t want to put yourself in because it will have you bowing your head with embarrassment, avoiding communication completely, and generally struggling with life.

Not a good place to be, so to avoid you reaching that place, or get out of it if you’re embroiled in the pretend fluency trap, you need to adopt a healthy attitude towards having a stutter and recognise it’s a personality trait and not a personality disorder.

It is challenging, but it’s also socially acceptable more now than it ever has been.

Openly advertising a stutter is difficult for anyone, however, it is easier done when you maintain eye contact. That’s key to good communication and every effective speaker uses it. Use it to your advantage so that your listener can emphasise with you and not try to contradict your intellectual ability.

By maintaining eye contact, empathy is established, but if you aren’t comfortable enough to advertise your stutter yet, then use the telephone and a mirror to get comfortable.

Call on your friends for support or your parents if you need to. Just get talking on the phone; when you do, stand in front of a mirror and maintain eye contact with yourself. Do not judge your speech in the process, and if you hit a block, ride it out. Keep your eye on your eyes, and don’t bat an eyelid.


The more comfortable you are to speak on the telephone and maintain eye contact with yourself, the more success you’ll have at maintaining eye contact in a real person conversation; whether it’s a telephone call, video conference, or a conversation with someone at a networking event, or even with your colleagues at work.

Maintain eye contact and don’t rush your way through speaking. People may be far more emphasising of your speech predicament than you give them credit for.

Perception can be crueller than people.

Self-evaluation of your speech often leads you down a crazy path of worrying about what people may or may not think of you. Usually, your own perception is negative, when in reality, the people you speak with everyday think you’re the coolest, most intelligent person they know.

It’s amazing how much self worth stutterers put out of their reach.

If you’re finding it difficult to communicate, get the phone out, speak in front of the mirror, and keep your eyes on your eyes.

If you need to say to whoever is on the phone, just a second, then carry on with what you intended to say, they won’t badger you to get the words out. Besides, talk is cheap nowadays. It’s not like someone is calling you at a rate of 50p per minute and going to tell you to just spit it out to save their phone bill. Most times, local calls are free, or their included in mobile bundles.

Take whatever self-image you have of yourself and work to improve that. Too often, stutterers put themselves down when in reality; people do understand what you’re trying to say.

Frustration keeps the stutter rising to the surface. Take the frustration out the equation by bringing empathy into the conversation and you’ll soon find communication becomes far easier.

Start with a telephone, a mirror, and a call to an understanding friend.

It’ll do you the world of good.