Why Can’t You Help Me?

Having a stutter was something that caused me a great deal of frustration.

This frustration was on many levels. To start with I was obviously frustrated that I was unable to speak fluently like the way in which my friends and family could.

I did not know anyone else that had this type of speech impediment and I therefore felt that I was somewhat unfortunate.

Why me? I often asked myself. Then there was the frustration that at times I could speak very well but that at other times I could barely say a word. I could not really comprehend as to why this would be. It could be because I was tired; it could be because I was anxious; it could be for many many reasons. What was clear was that I needed help and professional advice as to how to overcome it and as to how to be able to speak fluently in all situations and at all times.

Why can't anyone help me?

And what about the help that I was offered? Well this is where I found even more frustration. The people themselves were nice enough and they did try their best. These were mainly speech and language therapists who were there to assist me.

But could they really assist me in the way that I wanted them to? Absolutely not! Why not? This was back in the 1980’s and the 1990’s and looking back I can only think it was because of a lack of quality training.

At the time I was not so forgiving I guess and would return home feeling rather depressed. These people had a major lack of knowledge of what it was like to have a stutter and certainly did not believe that it could be overcome. This lack of knowledge and comprehension together with the negative attitude was most disappointing.

I was more than willing to work extremely hard to achieve fluency but I knew in my heart of hearts that these people could not help me to attain my goals.

This is why I eventually decided to attempt to find my own techniques to enable me to overcome the stutter. This was at the age of twenty and you can read about the approach that I took on this page of the Stuttering Therapy Centre website:


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I am here to help.

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