Creating A Habit Of Fluent Speech

There’s an argument to be had that stuttering is a creature of habit. The more you stutter the less chance you have of undoing it. That’s one of the reasons for early intervention in children who stutter. Speech therapy is sought, advice and tec … [Continue reading]

Resources To Get You Through A Rough Patch Of A Stuttering Nightmare

I do not like to start on a negative however at the time of writing this post there is no known cure for stuttering. Chronic depression is treatable, your stutter may not be curable but it’s most certainly manageable. For those of you who are w … [Continue reading]

What A Depressed Stutterer Can Do To Survive

It’s a well known fact that stuttering and depression are two related conditions. If you hate how you speak, you are going to try to avoid speaking. That leads to isolation and that leads to depression. Fact! That fact raises the question over what f … [Continue reading]

Emily Blunt Discusses Her Stutter With Howard Stern

Occasionally there's a celebrity that hits the spotlight and openly discusses their personal history and usually a battle with a stutter. This week, it was the turn of Emily Blunt as she discussed stuttering in an interview with Howard Stern. You … [Continue reading]

3 Corrective Speech Mistakes That Can Make You Look Dumb

How many stuttering courses have you been on, each giving you different tactics to overcome your stutter? For adults who stutter, there’s every chance you’ve tried and failed at using these corrective speech methods. For those of you thinking of tr … [Continue reading]

3 Ways To Confront Your Stuttering Fears

Taking control of your stutter is the only way you are going to stop it from dominating your life. The only way to progress and manage your speech efficiently is to confront your fears directly. For most of you reading this, that’s going to sound t … [Continue reading]

What A Single Mirror And Telephone Can Do To Improve Your Speech

One of the best skills a stutterer can master is advertising. Not in the traditional sense but with respect to letting others you speak to know you have a stutter. Closet stutterers have a nightmare of a challenge to get through life trying to … [Continue reading]

The Battle To Cure Stuttering May Be Self Sabotaging Your Efforts

The majority of adult stutterers have had this problem for the majority of their life. The vast proportion of their adult life is spent seeking out self-help therapy, or even attending speech therapy sessions in an attempt to achieve fluency. Not … [Continue reading]

Shape Your Future With The Belief Of Fluency Being Achieved

For nearly every adult stutterer, there’s an aspect of the belief system that causes interruptions, and blockages affecting your speech pattern. • You believe you are going to stutter, you stutter. • You believe that if you do stutter, there’s … [Continue reading]

How A Dog Can Be Every Stutterer’s Best Friend

You’ll have heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, right? To take that further, a dog more specifically, is every stutterer’s best friend. You see, the stutter is psychological, so for as long your brain believes you have a stutter, you … [Continue reading]