At What Age Can People Develop A Stutter?

People develop a stutter for a number of reasons. The most common type of stuttering is that of a developmental stutter. This happens in early childhood, usually between the ages of two and five years old. That’s only one type though, because you … [Continue reading]

Helping To Shatter The Stigma That Is Stuttering

For many years, stuttering has had a stigma attached to it that has helped perpetuate the belief that those with this speech impediment would somehow become less successful because of it. As with anything that marks a person out as ‘different’, stu … [Continue reading]

Dealing With Your Stuttering Kryptonite

Happy New Year – Will this be the year to radically change your life? One of the biggest things on a stutterers mind is often how to overcome it. But before that, you need to accept the issue for what it is, understand it, and recognise your k … [Continue reading]

How To Form New Speech Habits To Overcome Stuttering

Have you heard the myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? In the self-help circles, it’s recited repeatedly but the truth is that for forming a new speech habit, it takes a whole lot longer. If you’re ever tempted to subscribe to the fal … [Continue reading]

The Difference Between Fluency Shaping And Stuttering Modification

Stuttering is an impediment that has a lot of confusion surrounding it. There are plenty of scientific studies and research papers, yet nothing solid enough to tell you how to cure a stutter. That being said, it is of the opinion of many … [Continue reading]

Never Let Your Stutter Silence Your Inner Voice

Your voice is part of your identity. There’s no two ways about it. If you want to be heard, you must use your voice. That presents a problem in society because for people with a stutter, there are far too many treading the line between ableism and l … [Continue reading]

Demystifying The Myths About Stuttering

For decades, there’s been a bunch of folklore surrounding stuttering, and the fact is that nobody can be exactly sure of what causes a stutter. As with all mysteries in the world, when there’s no answers, there’s sure to be a bunch of wild old wiv … [Continue reading]

The Struggle To Say Certain Words Beginning With Certain Letters

If you know anyone that has a stutter, you’re about to get a glimpse into what goes on inside their minds as they’re speaking with you. The great majority of my clients speak to me about their struggles with certain words. I can resonate bec … [Continue reading]

How A Former Stutterer Reclaimed His Name

I remember the days when I lived in Kings Norton in Birmingham, going out clubbing, getting the taxi back, and asking to be taken to Stirchley! Two miles away from my destination in Kings Norton; giving the driver instructions to: • Just go a b … [Continue reading]

How Do You Cure a Stutter?

If there’s one question I’m asked the most, it’s Steve – How do you cure a stutter? Pete from Doncaster was the last person to ask me this, and it’s something I’ve decided to address here on the blog as I know there’s more people out there with the sa … [Continue reading]