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I have written a fair amount of information about the one to one speech courses that I offer on the “homepage”, “my approach” and on the “about” page of this website. As you may have read there is a three day and a five day course.

The three day stuttering course fee is £285 and the five day course fee is £450.

The three day courses are for people who have previously purchased one of the self-help stuttering treatment products (the DVD, the e-book or the audiobook). Some people decide to attend a course after purchasing one of these products and they then have the option of attending one of the shorter courses due to the fact that they have already gained access to the techniques etc.

The majority of people are somewhat nervous at the start of the course and I always try my very best to make everyone as welcome as I can. At the outset I talk about the type of stutter that I had and the way in which the speech impediment affected my life.

I then talk about how I managed to overcome it and then ask the course attendee to speak a little about their stutter and about the main issues/problems that they have. It is then time to start explaining the techniques.

As the course continues into the second day the remaining techniques are also explained and discussed and then the practice starts in earnest – practice to help the techniques to become a natural part of the course attendee’s speech. Plenty of additional coaching and information is provided including the forms of practice and the amounts of practice that I advise should be completed.

To book onto one of these stuttering courses or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

More information about the courses:

After overcoming my own stutter, I wanted to help other people who had this type of speech impediment to also achieve fluency. I, of course, knew how badly the stutter had impacted on my own life; I also knew how frustrated I had become at the overall quality of the speech and language therapy that I received throughout my childhood and early adult life. I wanted to be able to think of a way to help other people who had a stutter to achieve fluency, just like I had done.

I thought, well, okay, looking back, what kind of help was I looking for when I had the stutter, what was I hoping to find as a way of help? Because myself and my parents did look at trying to find help, not just the traditional speech and language therapy, which even though it was of benefit and the speech and language therapists were very nice, it was never going to be the answer. Even though I said it was of benefit, in honesty, it wasn’t massively of benefit at all. As I became older, the speech impediment, the severity of the stutter, seemed to get worse and worse and worse. So again, to that end, the speech and language therapy couldn’t have been that beneficial. We did look for help and this was a time before the internet and the types of places we would be looking were via recommendations from our local doctor or in places such as the yellow pages.

What I wanted, to again answer that question, I was looking for some type of specialist course and this is what I thought, well, okay, this is what I should offer people. This is what I wanted, doesn’t mean everybody would want this type of thing, but again, some people might, so I thought, well, okay, what kind of course? Would people prefer a group course or a one-to-one course? So again, I asked myself, what would I have preferred? Without a doubt it would have been a one-to-one course.

So all those years ago, aged, I would guess about 24, I started to help people who had a stutter by offering one-to-one speech courses. The courses were held, as they are now, in my own home, and originally they were all five-day speech courses. However, a few years ago, I introduced a number of self-help options. Originally the original one of these was the 70-minute DVD and this proved very popular, I’ve since produced an audiobook and also an e-book and for people who purchase the self-help products but then decide at a later date to attend a course, I’ve now introduced a shorter three-day course.

So there are two types of course in duration, a three-day and a five-day. All of the courses are on a one-to-one basis. All of the courses are held in Birmingham and they’re held in my own home.

To attend a course, it does take, for many people, a lot of courage, going into the kind of unknown, having never met myself, not really sure what to expect. People may have emailed me prior to a course, may have telephoned me prior to a course and may have gained some kind of information about what to expect but they still don’t really know too much, so it’s coming into the unknown and that itself means it’s a little bit daunting, I suppose.

It takes courage to attend a stuttering course

But to that end, I always, obviously, try to make people feel very welcome when they arrive and on the first day of the course, I normally do the majority of the talking. I start by introducing myself, talking a bit about my own stutter, the stutter that I had, how it affected me, again, some of which people will have already read and viewed online. Then I start talking about some of the techniques. Again, on that first day, I tend to do the majority of the talking. As the week progresses, I’m still doing a fair amount of talking, but at this point, the course attendee, as each kind of day passes, as each hour passes, become more and more involved, hopefully as they get more and more confident now that they have learned the techniques, now that they have spent a bit of time with myself. And obviously we do practice and the course attendees are able to ask any questions that they have, and this type of thing.

After the course, that’s not it. Okay, you have finished now, the course is over, go on your merry way and I wish you good luck. That is not how it works at all. After the course, people are welcome to contact me and are encouraged to contact me on a regular basis where I can help them with any questions they might have after the course and just to be there for moral support.

Time-wise, each day of the course, lasts for approximately three-and-a-half hours to four hours and each day normally starts at 9:30 in the morning.

If you have any questions, I welcome you to telephone me on 07967 549 070. You can also email me at

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